Performance and physiological balance of your horses​


Equine Innovation

With the multi-platform software HippoVision, you will be able to monitor your horses’ environment in real time in order to provide them optimal conditions to enhance their health and performance. On PC, tablet or smartphone, follow the performance and physiological balance of your horses at any moment.

Nutritious distributor, it supervises the distribution of the main feed, solid and liquid supplements brought to your horses

This device manage the water cut-off time slots and realize the acquisition of the quantities consumed

Accurately monitors the fitness weight of your horses

Remote monitoring system to keep an eye on your horses in real time

Acquisition of physiological data to ensure optimal monitoring (in development for 2020)

Ineatech society

A company made for the equine innovation

Member of the Hippolia pole

Increase productivity

Return on investment in 2 and a half years.
Easier call-off management.
Less penibility, more focus.
Enhance your stable.

Improving the performance and well-being of your horses

Better digestion thanks to fractionated distribution.
Reduction of stress and prevention of pathologies (colic, ulcers, blood strokes).

Less cost

Reduced labor costs.
Reduction of feed waste caused by traditional feed distribution.
Reduction of veterinary costs.


User friendly.
Schedule and manage directly on your phone, tablet or computer.
Notifications and mail alert.

Secure and local

Personalized accompaniment for the assembly of the financing file.
100% Made In France.
Support on-site and remote.

Data privacy

Datacenter on the stable, with full privacy for each horse, data save in private mode.

months warranty
1 h
for our support
maintenance visits offered


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