Remote surveillance system

With HippoCam associated with HippoVision, you can always have an eye on the box of your choice, zoom in on an area
in particular, do an automatic vertical or horizontal scan at any moment.

cheval surveillance
hippovision supervision ecurie

The HippoCam camera is bidirectional, remote controlled, very user-friendly.

Anti-intrusion cameras can be installed in independent connection of the boxes with registration and email warning of

detection of area violations.

Take over control

Real time

Monitor the position of your horse in its box at any time

Against intruders

Be aware of any anormal mouvement with the intruder system


The horizontal and vertical movement as well as the zoom can be controlled in order to observe the drinkers and feeders

Complete vision

Scan the box horizontally and vertically with automatic return to origin


Remote monitoring with sound feedback


Watch your foals carefully