The company that takes care of horses

For a competition horse, good nutrition is a guarantee of performance. And in this market where the financial stakes are high, Ineatech intends, with HippoVision, to provide the stables with a solution adapted to their constraints. This automated food and water distribution system is coupled to a device allowing individual tracking of the weight of a race or sport horse in order to optimize its diet according to its needs.

Ineatech optimizes feeding for competition horses

Ineatech provides a simple and modular solution to respond to a problem identified by competition horse trainers, a niche market where the financial stakes are high

Local product

The products are created from scratch from Mayenne, in order to highlight the French added value

For the horse

Horse health is our only goal, we do everything we can to make sure

High tech

Combine engineering with nutrients in order to offer a device that will facilitate horse health and precision monitoring